What to do in Ramadan?

 What to do in Ramadan?

Ramadan  month  is  the  month  of  grace,  month  of  forgiveness,  month  of  release  from  hell,  month  of  doing goodwork , month  of  labor.  If  we  can  do  the  purpose  that  Allah  has  given  us  Ramadan  month, then  only  we  can  perform  Ramadan’s  full  Khair  and  blessing.  Each of  the  Shari’ah  has an ulterior motive.  There is  a  special  purpose  for Ramadan,  and  it  is  to  achieve  piety.  Below  are  some  of  the  helpful works  of achieving piety:

  1. Protecting your eyes: – There is no sin by the eye. That is, – refrain from seeing any unlawful thing through eyes.
  2. Protecting your mouth:- That is, to keep your face free from sin. There are two major sins in the face: – a) To lie. B) Blame practice. And these two things are forbidden.
  3. Protecting your ears:- That is, – abstain from the sins that can be done by the ears. Like listening to music, listening to people blame practice lies and lying.
  4. The custody of other parts of the limbs:- That is   abstain from the sin which may be caused by other parts of the body.
  5. Not to be over-feeding: -It is meant to control food intake by eating too much. Poorness and brutality are not suppressed by over feeding. And if you do not suppress the brutality and lust, then you can not be excluded. It is not possible to achieve piety without excluding sin.
  6. Hope and fear: -In the month of Ramadan, to worship God with fear and caution in the hope of getting salvation and mercy from God. If the fear of Allah’s punishment is  created  in humans,  then it is possible for him to keep away  from the evil of Satan and all sins by obeying God’s commands for him.

Thus, following  the above six things, the  entire Ramadan will be completed and the  sin is free. Not only is the sin free, but also the entire Ramadan will be spent in worship.  Days  will  be celebrated between the fasting and the recitation, and  the night will be spent between Tarabih and Tahajjud.

In Ramadan,  Allah has revealed the Qur’an Majid. So this month there is a special  relation of recitation of the Qur’an. For this reason we should recite the Qur’an as much as possible in this month and worship as much as possible nafl.

Allah  has given us all  kamiyevi  to achieve all the virtues and piety of Ramadan by  performing deeds in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah. Amin  Chumma  Amin.

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